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install a whole home air filtration system

Reasons to Install a Whole Home Air Filtration System

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If your home has considerable indoor air quality issues to contend with, you may reach a point where it no longer makes sense to rely on portable air purifiers. While installing a whole home air filtration system that integrates with your HVAC system can be a more expensive step, it has a variety of benefits that portable air filters simply can’t provide.

Multi-Room Filtration

Since your HVAC system forces conditioned air into every room of your home at the same time, you would need a portable air purifier running in every room at once in order to pull pollutants from the air before the rooms’ occupants can breathe them in. Filtration systems that integrate with your HVAC system will remove allergens and other particulates from the air before pushing it through the HVAC system into every room. Unless your entire family is always in the same room near the portable purifier, a whole home system is clearly more efficient.

Quieter Operation

Even if you purchase a portable air purifier that’s designed to be quiet, it can still create a significant amount of noise. Since a whole home air filtration system works with your HVAC system, the only thing you’ll hear is the normal level of noise created when your heater or air conditioner kicks on.

Enhanced Air Purification

In the typical home, an HVAC system will usually recirculate air through the home five to seven times. This means that all the air in your home will get not just one pass through the filtration system, but multiple passes each day. Ultimately, the more times air circulates through the filters, the cleaner it will be for your family to breathe.

Cleaner HVAC System

The particles that can get into the air and diminish your indoor air quality also have the ability to damage your HVAC system. Between clogged ducts and debris getting into the compressor, it can become impossible for your system to continue circulating air the way it used to. Over time, this will lead to your HVAC system working harder to create a comfortable environment inside your home, which pulls additional energy and forces the components to work harder than they should. Not only will this create a higher monthly usage cost for heating and air conditioning, but it may also force you to spend more money on repairs while shortening the useful life of the equipment.

When a whole home air filtration system is in use, the air passing through the HVAC components will be cleaner, helping your system to continue running at optimal efficiency.

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