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Share a Prom Limo

Share with friends


Everyone wants a memorable prom night and a prom limo contributes to the “specialness” of the day. But prom expenses, including tickets, flowers, dress or tux, shoes and – for the girls – professionally-styled hair and makeup, add up quickly. Sharing a limo between eight, 10 or even 12 or more friends can cut costs considerably.

Sharing a Limo for Prom

Many teens start planning for prom months before the big event, and this includes deciding who will share a limo. For some close groups of friends, the decision makes itself; they do everything else together, of course they will share a limo. For other teens, finding a group of 8 to 10 people to share a limo requires work. High school seniors can spread the word about needing a ride, and ask other people in their classes.

The Company You Keep

Conscientious teens should take care in who they choose to share their limo. Many schools have adults positioned at the doors to prom, checking to make sure students weren’t drinking in the limo. In some cases, if anyone in the limo possesses drugs or alcohol, the adult chaperones may send everyone in that car home.

Most drivers also have a zero tolerance policy. One student caught in the limo with drugs or alcohol can mean an early end to the night.

Additionally, if unruly kids damage the limo in any way, the credit card holder gets charged. Make sure everyone in the limo knows the rules and follows them.

Comfort v. Cost

The more people in a limo, the less it costs per head. Showing up in a 16-person stretch Hummer adds an element of style and prestige, but it’s not worth it for a group of 10 kids. First, decide how many people will ride together and then look at options for cars in that class. Students may want to vote on the type of car they want, or make a list of features important to them. The larger, more popular vehicles sell out early, so call months before the big night to reserve the desired vehicle.

When a limo company says a car fits 10 people, maximum, they mean it. Remember, large, frilly prom dresses take up extra room.

Collecting the Money

Put one person in charge of calling limo companies with a list of questions, including pricing, packages available, and vehicles available. Most limo companies offer 10-hour prom packages and some offer deals. Look in local papers for coupons, too.

Make sure the chosen company has licensed drivers and insured vehicles. Students will probably need a parent’s charge card to reserve the limo, but many companies permit customers to pay cash. Shortly before prom, one person should collect all the money and keep track of who paid. Handwritten or typed “receipts” from the person collecting the money eliminates confusion when sharing a limo for prom.

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