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Pros and Cons of Using a Private Tutor

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If you are thinking about using the services of a private tutor, check out this list of pros and cons to find out if tutoring services may be right for you.

Pros of Using a Private Tutor

Without a doubt, using the services a private tutor can help elementary, middle school and high school students to prepare for standardized exams, pass classes and increase grades. Private tutoring services are also quite helpful for adults and college students who need assistance with entrance exams, GED prep, or educational support for specific subjects.

Personal Attention

One of the biggest pros of working with a tutor one-on-one is the personalized attention you will receive. Many people find this time to be extremely beneficial because the focus is exclusively on them – providing opportunities to ask specific questions and discuss problem areas.

Tailored Study Time

A one-on-one tutoring session is study time that is specifically tailored towards the student’s needs. So, students who need help with entrance exams, subjects or catching up on certain skills will be able to exclusively focus on areas they need help in.

A Real Improvement in Results

Sessions with private tutors often result in dramatic improvements in grades, entrance exam scores and test scores – and for many students, only a few sessions are needed before improvements are seen.

Cons of Using a Private Tutor

While a private tutor may be extremely beneficial, some students can have difficulties with these tutoring services due to fees, accessibility and personality conflicts.


Fees for tutoring rates vary widely according to subject, service, grade level and location. On average fees range from around $10 to $20 per hour, and for some students the fees are just too much. However, if you have a tight budget you may want to look for tutoring services that offer discounts for low income students or which offer options for more affordable group sessions or shorter one-on-one sessions.


Students who live in rural areas, or who do not have their own vehicle, may have difficulties getting to a tutor for a private session. The good news is that many tutors today will come to your home, and some tutors also offer private sessions on the Internet.

Personality Conflicts

Personality conflicts can occur between tutors and students, and these conflicts may affect the quality of the tutoring sessions. Students should try to work through any conflicts with a private tutor, especially during the first few sessions (it can take time to get used to a new tutor) or look into hiring a different tutor if conflicts continue.

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