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Planning Events Saves Time and Money

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Planning events requires just that – Planning. Even the simplest gathering goes smoother if you take the time to sit down and map out a plan of action.

Event planning stages

Once you have decided to have a party, gathering, social, decide on a date. Depending on the importance of the event (weddings and signature anniversaries and birthdays fall into the most important category) the earlier you should begin planning) set a date. By setting a date, you begin the foundation for smooth road. One important note: No matter how far in advance you set the date, not everyone you invite will be able to attend, so resign yourself to this inevitability.

Now that a date has been set, decide on a location, and make reservations. Have several acceptable venues in mind, in case a location is not available on the day you desire. If you are having a function at a time of year that has high demand, flexibility is the watchword. You may have to adjust your date by a day or two, or a week to get the location you want.

Planning events to the last detail

With the location locked down, begin to arrange with different groups you will work with: catering companies, churches, limousine companies, musicians – any professionals whose services you will be needing for your affair. They will all need specific dates and times, and will all require deposits. When working with them be sure to have everything written down, and get receipts – any reputable business will not hesitate on this (even if you are working with friends and family and money changes hands, always have a contract, no matter how informal, and receipts).

Begin sending invitations after all the preliminaries are completed. When to send them depends on the importance of the event. Wedding invitations should be sent at least two months prior, and earlier for those who have to make travel arrangements. In the invitation, besides the names of those feted, include the date, times, locations, and any special requests.

If your guests require overnight accommodations, speak with local hotels. Many offer group rates at reasonable prices, and may also offer the use of banquet or meeting halls at reduced rates if guests stay there. They may also provide shuttle service to and from the airport for your guests who need it. You may also want to negotiate a special rate with a car rental agency for your guests.

Hosting a corporate event, party, celebration, or family gathering requires planning to reduce mishaps and problems. Not planning events is a recipe for disaster, headaches, and hard feelings. A few minutes of time to lay out an approach pays huge dividends at the end of the day.

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