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What to Consider When Planning an Event

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Planning an event is different from planning a party, although a party can be quite an event. Generally, though, when people think of planning for an event – either as a host or as a guest – they typically perceive it to be something on a slightly grander scale than an eighth birthday party, or a weekend gathering with a few friends.

Choosing an event theme

One of the first steps in planning an event is to settle on its theme. Most of the time, this is obvious: a wedding, anniversary, competitive event, corporate affair, or other. Sometimes, though, even these situations may call for a bit more creativity and require added planning. For example, a company-wide picnic or party that is held on a holiday or in a holiday season may need to have decorations that reflect that (Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, etc.).

The theme determines what happens next. Receptions for weddings and visiting VIPs are usually formal affairs that require some combination of catering services, reception halls or banquet facilities, bar service, music, and other aspects associated with the theme.

Planning a competition event

Competitive events have different requirements. They may or may not require food and beverages. If they do, are they to be provided for all or just the participants; will there be a reception before or after the event; will prizes be awarded and more. These types of events require elaborate planning, take months or longer to plan, and are usually handled by a committee.

When planning a competitive event that involves different aspects of the community, it is important to learn what municipal regulations apply. For example, if you will be using public property, are permits required? You will also need to find out about insurance requirements, security, and other restrictions. An often overlooked, but highly important need, is restroom facilities. Even if they are not required, they may be needed.

Help for planning an event

For mid-sized events, greater than a birthday party but less than a community-wide event, using an event planning company can be a great help. Professionals that specialize in this industry can handle all aspects of the event. Most have different packages available that allow you to sculpt the event to meet your expectations and to stay within your budget. They will also offer guidance and advice as to what to expect and help you with common problems. Event planners may specialize in a certain type of event (such as wedding receptions) or they may have several experts, skilled in different kinds of celebrations.

Planning an event can be a daunting undertaking, but developing a plan and addressing each aspect of it makes the entire process less of a burden. Professionals in the field can make it go even more smoothly.

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