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Young Woman Celebrating a Birthday

Planning a Birthday Party ‐ Best Foods to Serve

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When you’ve made the decision to take on the task of planning a birthday party yourself, one of the first things you must consider when is what the menu for the guests will be. Since one of the biggest factors in the success of any party is the food that is served, this matter often requires the most attention. Keeping a few other factors in mind about the guests can help you in the decision-making process when it comes to the menu you choose to offer.

Planning a Birthday Party- Best Foods to Serve

Because this is a special day for a particular person, you should take into consideration the guest-of-honor’s favorite types of food, or even favorite dishes. If the foods favored by the birthday boy or girl are easily made on a large scale, to feed a large number of people, this makes selecting your menu much easier. Simply give your caterer the recipes and he can make the food to order.

The age of the person having the birthday should also be taken into consideration, because this factor will help you determine the average age of the guests. Knowing this information will aid you greatly in deciding what to serve the party goers, as kids tend to appreciate vastly different foods than adults.

Regardless of the age of the guests, unless you’re planning a birthday party that is going to be quite formal in nature, you’ll find your best options are in more party-friendly fare, considering the fact that most birthday parties involve people mingling socially more than sitting in designated table places while they eat.

In most cases, things that don’t require silverware (especially knives) are going to be much easier to serve than items which require much cutting. Because of this, a very popular option is to serve mini-hamburgers, or “sliders”, which have been doctored to be much more elegant than simple ground beef and bun creations. These types of items are often greatly complimented by things like kettle or vegetable chips, and different pasta or seafood salads. However, with the growing number of people who don’t eat meats, or who at least who limit themselves to not eating red meat, there are healthier burger-type options, such as black bean burgers or ground turkey that you should also include.

In instances where you’ve chosen to have the party you’re hosting catered, the key to a successful party is to communicate your budget and the favorites of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite dishes. An experienced caterer will be able to design a menu around the money you have to spend and the types of foods you want. You should choose a caterer who has designated menus for certain events but doesn’t require you to strictly adhere to these menu choices, making the process of substitutions much easier for foods you don’t believe will go over as well as others. Easier foods to prepare in quantity will save you money, so things like meatball dishes with pasta or bread accompaniments are usually very popular choices when someone is planning a birthday party.

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