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Hosting a Pirate Party

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If you are looking for a fun idea for kids and adults alike, consider hosting a pirate party on September 19th – International Talk Like a Pirate Day (ITLAPD). While any day is a good day to have a pirate-themed party, Talk Like a Pirate Day adds a certain cachet and can easily involve friends, family, coworkers, or the neighborhood.

Hosting the pirate party

Whether you have your party on ITLAPD, or are just wanting to have a pirate party for yourself or children (which I guess is also for you, matey) decorations, costumes, and accessories are must.

Pirate party costumes

Pirate costumes are easy to come by or fun to make. Costume supply companies can provide pirate outfits in a range of sizes to fit all who attend. If you do not want to sail this route, you can make simple costumes from a few bandanas, pieces of felt and other fabric, and swords made from cardboard covered with tin foil.

Pirate party treasure

If your party is for younger children, having a pirate treasure hunt, complete with plastic gold coins and mardi gras-style jewelry, adds to the fun. If you have the facilities, setting up a digging area with bits of buried treasure will keep the guests and honoree knee-deep in fun and loot.

Decorating for the party

Decorating for a pirate party can be simple or elaborate. A few flags and pennants, a skull and crossbones flapping in the breeze, and you are in business. Ornamentation that is more elaborate depends entirely on your budget and patience. If you have a swimming pool, use the diving board for walking the plank. A few sheets can be billowing sails.

Food for your party

Did you know the word “buccaneer” comes from the word “buccan” which means food roasted over an open fire? It’s true. Armed with this bit of knowledge, providing eats for your guests is a snap. Hamburgers and other grilling food becomes a pirate feast after a lucrative raid. For a more elaborate setting, roast a pig, primal of beef, or have a barbeque restaurant cater your affair. For an added touch serve sides of foods found in the Caribbean.

Talk like a pirate

For a little extra spice, require your guests to talk like a pirate – no matter what day it is. A well-placed“ARRR,” “Aye matey,” “Yo-ho-ho,” and “Yarr,” adds to the fun and excitement of the event.

No matter the reason, a pirate party is a lot of fun for inner swashbuckler in us all. Whether for kids or adults, hosting such an event will entertain every lubber and bilge rat in the area, and mark you as captain ‘neath the Jolly Roger.

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