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What Is Pig Roast Catering?

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Throughout the country, pig roast catering is exceptionally popular for every kind of celebration. For some cultures, pig roasts are important parts of personal, religious, and festive events. There are several methods available for pig roast catering, though the most effective one is always to hire a professional. Professionals are proficient with all types of pig roast catering, preparation methods, and seasonings and can provide a variety of side dishes that work well with pig roast. When considering pig roast catering, you should seek out the services of a professional pig roaster.

The Basics of Pig Roast Catering

Pig roast catering is any event or occasion that involves a roast pig as part of its main offering. These events happen not just all over the country, but also in most parts of the world and can have any significance or meaning. Typically, pig roast catering involves a pig weighing anywhere from 80 to 120 pounds. A professional pig roaster or BBQ specialist can prepare a pig roast in several different ways, depending on the event and desired consistency of the pig.

Preparation Methods for Pig Roast Catering

Certain cultures and types of events dictate the method used to roast the pig. Some events require a fire pit, others a spit over a fire, and a professional prepares the pig using a type of barbeque grill. If you hire a professional pig roast caterer to prepare the pig roast, he or she does so onsite or offsite and delivers it to your event. It takes several hours to prepare any kind of pig, so you should be sure to hire a professional many days in advance.

Pig Roast Catering Using a Fire Pit

When using a fire pit, the professional roaster digs a hole in the ground large enough to accommodate the pig. Then, he or she lines the hole with some insulator and places heating elements into the pit. He or she then places the pig into the pit, covers it with more insulating agents, and lets the pig roast until completion. Depending on the cultural custom or holiday, the insulator, seasoning, heating element, and cooking time can vary accordingly.

Spit Pig Roast Catering

When you have a professional prepare your pig roast using a spit, he or she places the pig onto a rotating spit above a fire or some other fire source. If cooked properly, the pig meat literally falls off the bones. You should keep in mind that it is important to have a professional prepare the pig when using this method because undercooked pork can be very hazardous to your health.

Pig roast catering is popular throughout the country and involves preparing a full pig in a fire pit, on a spit, or on a grill. It is best to have a professional prepare any pig roasts, as professional pig roasters and BBQ specialists have all the required tools to make a pig roast a success. A pig roast catering company can also provide side dishes like potato salad, sweet corn, coleslaw, baked beans, or anything else that you may require. For more information about pig roast catering, contact a local BBQ catering company.

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