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Dog Grooming Brush and Hair

Limiting Pet Shedding

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There are a couple of different ways to battle pet shedding. Some of it has to be with ensuring your pet is as healthy as possible. Healthy dogs and cats do not shed as much as those who are not healthy. Additionally, there are actions a pet owner can take to minimize pet shedding. And, if it all seems like too much work, you can pick out a pet – such as a Poodle or Greyhound – that sheds very, very little.

Limit Pet Shedding with a Healthy Pet

If it seems like your pet sheds an awful lot, with no particular distinction between the different seasons of the year, visit your veterinarian and make sure there aren’t any allergies or other issues that may be contributing to the amount of pet shedding in your home. Also, make sure your pet is getting good, nutritious food and not relying on too many table scraps that are not healthy. Try to find pet food with Omega 3 fatty acids, or a supplement with Omega 3, which specifically helps to keep a pets coat shiny and healthy.

Limit Pet Shedding with Brushing

Long haired pets should be brushed at least a couple of times a week, according to groomers, in order to remove the dead hair and dead skin and prevent mats and tangles. Use a slicker brush, which has a based filled with wire pins set close together. The pins are on an angle and this type of brush is recommended for pets with long hair, as well as pets with curly coats. If you regularly brush your pet, you can limit the amount of pet shedding that ends up on chairs, beds and all over the house. Regular brushing also allows pet owners to detect mats before they become serious problems. If you see a tangle or mat, see if a steel comb will work through the clumped hair. If not, use scissors or clippers to remove the mat before it can become more serious.

Limit Pet Shedding with Baths

Baths are another great way to get all of the dead hair off of your pet, as well as a way to enrich your pet’s coat so that pet shedding is limited. Make sure you find shampoo specifically designed for your pet. Since the goal is to make the coat as healthy as possible, choose a pet shampoo that contains conditioners. Even though your pet may not be crazy about a bath, make sure you let the shampoo soak in for a minimum of 2 to 3 minutes so that it can do its job.

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