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Female groomer haircut Yorkshire Terrier

Pet Grooming Prices: What to Expect

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New pet owners — or those who are just starting to think about grooming — often wonder how much getting their pets groomed will cost. Although prices can vary depending on factors like location, the size of the pet, and add-on services, they generally fall within a predictable range.

Average Dog Grooming Prices

A standard grooming (which usually includes a bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning) is cheapest for puppies, with average prices around $20. Small breed dogs with short and fine coats (like dachshunds) cost around $30, and small breed dogs with thicker or longer hair (like bichons frises) are around $40 to $50.

Grooming costs for medium-sized dog breeds average $50 to $70, but the total cost will depend on the type of cut and the dog’s coat. Dogs with extremely thick coats (like chow chows) will cost more to groom than those with thinner and shorter coats (like bull terriers).

Average grooming fees for large breed dogs are $70 to $100, and giant dog breeds (like Great Danes) usually cost the most, with fees averaging around $120 to $130.

Average Cat Grooming Prices

Bathing and grooming cats costs an average of $40 to $50, depending on the type of coat the cat has and if the cat’s fur will be trimmed. Kittens will generally cost about half of what it would be for an adult cat.

Extra Services

Many groomers offer a wide selection of additional services. These may include a deep coat conditioning treatment, topical flea treatment, painting nails, brushing out the undercoat, de-matting hair, and treatments to reduce shedding. Each extra generally costs between $10 to $20, but this may be higher depending on the pet’s coat and size. Hand stripping services, which are available through specially trained groomers, tend to cost about twice as much as a regular cut.

Conditions which May Affect Pet Grooming Prices

Pet grooming prices tend to be higher in larger cities and lower in rural locales. Mobile pet groomers usually charge a bit more, but many pet owners are happy to pay the upcharge for the added convenience. Groomers who offer specialized services – like veterinarian prescribed dips/shampoo applications, anal gland expression, or sedation – may charge higher fees as well.

Having your pet groomed isn’t just about them smelling and looking nice (although that’s a nice benefit). Regular grooming makes your pet more comfortable and protects your family from parasites that may hitch rides in overgrown coats. Most people find it’s well worth the investment.

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