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Pest Control Methods to Eliminate Roaches

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The same with many other pests, there’s no time like present to take care of the two roaches you saw crawling across the kitchen floor earlier. It’s a simple case of mathematics: roaches are one of the fastest-reproducing insects in America. In a study of German cockroaches, one of the most common in the world, females will lay “egg cases” up to six times in their lives with about 30 to 40 eggs in each case. The average time to reach adulthood is 100 days, which gives German cockroaches an average of another 100 to 200 days to live in your home.

Target the Roaches

Now that you know roaches are inside your home, it is time to eliminate much of what attracted them to your house in the first place. Just like their ancestors of 320 million years ago, roaches today are searching for warm shelter, food and water. For example, is there an overflowing drip pan under a refrigerator or perhaps under an air-conditioning unit? Perhaps there is a minor leak that you have not yet detected that already has been sought out by your new occupants. A roach control expert will work with you to remove as many areas of moisture as possible – depending on his or her assessment of your home. Roaches do not seek out wide, expansive areas. Instead, they will squeeze into small spaces around plumbing, tiny areas in walls or even behind picture frames.

Cut Down the Food Supply

Do you keep a plate with the final remains of a sandwich or other meal in the sink for a day, or perhaps longer? Is the kitchen counter given a serious wash down only once or twice a week? Your roach expert will explain that the goal at this point is to begin to make you home as unappealing as possible to roaches. One thing to look for is the presence of cardboard or wooden boxes or items within easy access of roaches. Roaches are strongly attracted to paper products, which their bodies use to create and put down a pheromone that acts as a sort of GPS system. Remember the drip plates for any indoor plants and make sure to keep them as dry as possible at night. Of course, empty the trash regularly and put trash outside in a container near your home on a daily basis. It can then be put out on the curb for collection based on your neighborhood service schedule. Keeping that accumulating trash inside is only an invitation for roaches.

Break out the Chemicals

At this point, your roach pest control expert is ready to use a variety of chemical options, including gels and powders, to attack the roach population. Which specific chemicals to use can vary depending on whether the bulk of the application is inside or outside the home and if there is any risk to pets or children in the home. In addition, a virtually-unseen chemical barrier will be placed around your home, discouraging the return of any roaches. Windows and doors, as well as the siding on your home, will commonly be treated as well.

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