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Choosing Party Themes and Decorations

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When hosting a party for children, or adults for that matter, settling on party themes and decorations takes a little bit of thought. When properly approached, however, a well-themed and planned party is loads of fun for all involved.

A simple dinner party

On the smallest scales, for adults, is a “poor man’s surf and turf” dinner party. The meal, though humble, is quite satisfying. Start with a small bowl of Stone soup, then serve a small hamburger wrapped in bacon and a bit of monkfish (poor man’s lobster), a salad of dandelion greens with a splash of oil and vinegar, and sugar cookie for dessert is not only fun, but fuels pleasant conversation. Decorations can consist of empty cans for cups, and tin plates and cutlery.

Seasonal party themes

Planning according to the season brings special ideas. In addition to traditional party days (Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day) there are also parties that can built around the season itself.

Autumn holidays

In the fall, parties centered on the fading heritage of a fall harvest are most pleasant. Decorations consist of hay bales, dried corn stalks, pumpkins, and other autumn accessories provide a wonderful foundation for a great fete. As an added touch, have guests dress in overhauls, plaid shirts, jeans, and boots.

Octoberfest is another fall festival. Celebrating our German heritage, a party with oompah music, gemütlichkeit, sausages, and, of course, beer (although this is optional)brings a fun time. This is also an excellent theme for a fundraiser for local organizations. Guests can dress as they wish, and party supply stores have access to appropriate costuming.

Sports-themed parties

Every sports season has its own special days. From homecoming to the World Series, fans gather from far and wide to celebrate sport. Hosting a sports-themed party is easy, whether in your home or tailgating at the ballpark, and the party themes and decorations are in abundance.

Decorations for sports parties are easy to find. Football, baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, and other sports items are available from many sources and are inexpensive. If you do not want to go to that extent, have your guests where clothing that shows support for the team or teams in questions. Food can range from takeout pizza, to burgers and dogs, to an elaborate buffet – depending on the occasion and your budget.

No matter your intent, selection of party themes and decorations is limited only by your imagination. Seasonal holiday parties, birthdays, or simple get-togethers are all enhanced when a theme is used and the venue reflects the theme.

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