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Hiring Party Planners

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Party planners are professionals who specialize in just that – planning parties. They provide services that cover every aspect of a party or event, and relieve the hosts of having to worry about the details.

Services party planners provide

If you are considering hiring a party planner, look for specialists who provide the widest range of services. While they may not be the actual vendor of a service, they will make the necessary arrangements. Expect a party planner to arrange for:

Food – Typically this means catering. The planner may or may not be a caterer, but he or she will make arrangements with a caterer to provide the food and presentation you want for your party.

Entertainment – If you want entertainment, a party planner makes the arrangements. He or she will contact the entertainer you want, and handle the details.

Venue – Whether you are having the party at your home or at a different location, the planner will help you find the right size location within your budget. If at home, the planner will discuss layout and help arrange for any extras you may need.

Necessary rentals – These include tables, chairs, tents, equipment, and anything you need that is not provided by the venue or the other professionals you hire.

Decorations – A party planner will discuss the theme of the party and how to best decorate. Once the decisions are made, the party planner works to make sure the site is decorated and the decorations are removed after the party.

Hiring a party planner

Doing business with a party planner is like doing business with any other professional. It is important to interview several, ask for references, and investigate the references. When you meet with a candidate, it is important to discuss what is included in the fee he or she will charge. In general, your party planner will be a coordinator of the event – not the provider of specific services. Because of this, expect to have costs beyond what the planner charges. These include paying for:

  • Caterers
  • Reception or Banquet Halls
  • Entertainment
  • Decorations
  • Service help

All of these services will not only requirement payment, but you must be prepared to make deposits.

Once you have selected a planner to work with, draw up a contract that is specific about services to be rendered, and what his or her fee covers. Include in the contract how monies for other professionals are going to be paid and who will pay them. Depending on the planner, you may be required to pay-as-you-go, or the planner may present you with a bill at different stages as the event evolves. In any event, make sure the contract is clear regarding payment.

Using party planners makes arranging for large events go smoothly and allows the host to relax and concentrate on other aspects of the celebration. Planners’ fees are reasonable and are a good investment when planning important affairs.

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