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What is Party and Event Planning?

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Party and event planning can be anything from a walk in the park to the mother of all nightmares. The key factor in how smoothly an event or party goes rests in planning. Careful, detailed planning.

Beginning the party planning process

Whether you are planning something for yourself, for friends, or for clients taking the time to lay the process out keeps everything in order and progressing toward the goal.

The first step in planning an event

The starting point for party and event planning is being clear about the theme. Weddings, athletic competitions, corporate events, birthday parties, and other fetes all have some kind of theme. If you are expected to develop the theme, or it is handed to you, constructing the event around that idea is the first order of business.

Step two

Once you know the theme, the next step is to set the budget and the date. Usually this and the first part happen simultaneously. If not, set a date that allows all the elements to be in place and permits the greatest number of guests to attend. Once the date is established, begin to find a location within your budget to host the affair. If a home or place of business is the site, the work is easy. If in another location, start calling.

When calling different locations to hire space for your event, have the following information handy:

  • Date of the event (with a reasonable alternative)
  • Number of people attending
  • Extra services you may want (some sites have full service facilities)
  • Budget (some companies own different locations)

When speaking over the phone to the manager, ask about the amount of deposit (and if any is refundable), insurance, who handles clean up, and the deadline for canceling. Keep a chart of this information as you speak to different venues. Once you select a site, you can begin putting the event together.

A workable alternative is using a local hotel. Most have banquet and reception halls, and have package deals that provide location and catering for different prices, depending on the variables.

Step three

With date, time, and location determined begin arranging for ancillary services. Caterers, musicians, service staff, tables, chairs, flowers, photographers, and more may be needed for the event. Brainstorm all possible needs and begin researching providers and fees. Most of the professional services available for events have multiple options available to help you create a first-rate affair. All will require deposits.

Final planning step

Once everything is in place, and your location decorated according to your plans, your party and event planning expedition is not quite over. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor – either as a participant or graciously accepting praises for a job well done.

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