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Buying Party Accessories

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Whether you are hosting a small, intimate gathering for a few friends or family member, or are responsible for planning an event for several hundred people, party accessories can elevate even the humblest party to a special occasion. Here a few suggestions for adding that special touch to your event.

Simple party accessories

One way to individualize your party is to monogram different accessories. Names or company logos can be added to plates, napkins, candy wrappers, balloons, and other paraphernalia. In addition, for corporate events, arranging for clothing that bears a company emblem creates a feeling of unity among employees.

For children’s birthday parties banners, streamers, balloons, special cards and signs will make the party even more exciting. For children’s parties hosted on holidays, accessories that reflect the spirit of the occasion are always welcome. Consider flag themed items for the Fourth of July, scary items for Halloween, and other products unique to each celebration.

Elaborate party accessories

For showers, anniversaries, graduations, and more sophisticated events, increase the quality of the party accessories. Awards ceremonies call for plaques and trophies; graduation parties can be augmented with special diploma covers. Consider giving guests car or refrigerator magnets emblazoned with an appropriate sentiment, or candy inscribed with something humorous.

The options are almost endless. You can even personalize bottle of hand sanitizer if you are so inclined.

Selecting accessories

If you want to include special accessories when throwing a party, keep a few things in mind.

First, consider the age (and gender) of your guests. Each age bracket has certain requirements, and if you are hosting a party of young children, you want to make sure your accessories are safe. Also, if you have a mixed group, select accessories or favors that are gender neutral, or have something for each.

Second, consider your budget. Choose accessories, gifts, and favors that won’t strain your pocketbook. Remember that you will have expenses other than the party accessories, so plan accordingly.

Third, check availability. If you are hosting a party that has a holiday theme, do not wait until the last second to purchase the accoutrements. Holiday wares go fast, and you do not want to have to scramble to find what you want. Shop early.

Finally, relax and enjoy. After all, it is a party. The party accessories you choose are for the enjoyment of everyone in attendance, including you!

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