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worker painting concrete

Is Painting Concrete a Good Idea?

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Painting concrete is one of the most affordable ways to update the look of a concrete floor, patio or garage. However, there are many alternatives to painted concrete that may have you wondering if it is the right remodeling technique for your home. The advantages of this simple flooring technique are detailed below:

Enhanced Beauty

The drab, natural gray color of concrete can hardly be viewed as a decorator’s dream. A simple coat of epoxy paint is a quick and easy way to improve the beauty of your home or garage. Cement paint is available in virtually any hue or pigment, allowing you to match the color of your floor to the rest of your decor. Epoxy paint can also be applied in various patterns or textures to provide additional versatility. With a little planning and stenciling, a homeowner can also turn his or her floor into an art canvas to create a unique visual image or design.

Stain Protection

The porosity of concrete makes it susceptible to staining from oil, grease and other detrimental chemicals. While a sealant can be applied to limit staining, painted concrete provides a more long-term solution. Due to the impenetrable layer created by epoxy paint, the underlying concrete remains safe. Whereas sealant may need to be reapplied every few months or so, the strength and durability of epoxy paint often allows it to last several years without cracking or chipping. This is true even in high-traffic areas such as garages and driveways.

Beyond stains, painting concrete also protects flooring from water, rust, heat and other forms of detriment.

Affordable Alternative to Repair

No homeowner wants his or her concrete floor or patio to have a crack in it. Sadly, cracked concrete is often an inevitability. Rather than rip up the concrete to lay a new foundation, painting the concrete is a cheap and affordable way to cover that crack, while infusing new life into your kitchen or garage.

Other Techniques to Consider

Painting concrete is almost certainly the most affordable way to protect and beautify concrete surfaces. However, alternative techniques may provide more long-term results. For example, concrete staining uses chemical processes to permanently change the color of a concrete surface. Unlike paint, stain is typically immune to fading from the sun.

For additional design options, the use of tile or pavers may be preferred. While painting concrete can result in stenciled patterns that mimic natural stone or tile, it’s hard to beat the unique texture and appearance of the actual material itself. For additional advice on weighing the pros and cons of painted concrete, it is suggested you speak to an experienced concrete contractor.

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