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One Wreath, Four-Season Appeal

One Wreath, Four-Season Appeal

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As much as you enjoy greeting each season with a fresh door wreath, you may not have the space to store a full complement of wreaths. You can solve that problem by investing in one basic wreath and a few simple decorations to create four-season appeal.

One Wreath
Let’s start with the central element: For the best results, choose a wreath or wreath-like shape featuring a versatile, neutral material that suits your personal style. Popular examples include:

Branches, Vines & Twigs. These wreaths are formed from branches, vines and/or twigs. Some are quite refined, others are decidedly rustic, and choices range from birch, cherry and willow to grapevine and hydrangea.

Fabric. Foam wreath forms wrapped in fabric make a good base. Any fabric will work but some of the best options include burlap (rustic), calico (country), linen (refined) or sturdy twills (tailored).

Wicker. Both wrapped and woven wicker create an excellent wreath base. The material is natural, highly adaptable and typically a bit more refined than its twig or vine counterparts.

Wood. Opt for a plain, flat wooden form or use an ornate, round frame for a truly distinctive look.

Retain the original color or paint or cover the base to suit your tastes. For maximum versatility, use season-spanning shades like white, cream, gray or tan. If you favor more flash, try metallic tones such as deep bronze, faded silver, pewter or gunmetal.

Four Seasons
Once you have your wreath base, decide what decorations best suit your style. An easy approach is to invest in four large, decorative bows, one for each season, then add appropriate artificial accents for:

Winter. Traditional elements such as pine branches, pinecones and holly berries are timeless and classic.

Spring. Options such as cherry blossoms, dogwood, daffodil, lilac and pansies work well with a mix of leaves and greenery.

Summer. Good choices include clusters of roses, daisies, lavender, hydrangeas and baby’s breath again blended with greenery.

Fall. The rich colors of autumn leaves coupled with dried seed pods, nuts and colorful berries epitomize the harvest season.

To keep things simple, arrange the decorations in an attractive cluster or double fan-shape, wire them together, attach them to the bow, add a long wire to the bow and you’re ready. As each season changes, you can quickly remove the old decoration, attach the new one and you’re done.

You can, of course, substitute real materials for artificial ones. If wreaths aren’t your thing, we’ve shared ideas elsewhere featuring baskets, ceiling medallions, mirrors, wall pockets and more. Simply apply the suggestions above to any of the alternatives to create your own unique approach to a single door decoration with four-season charm.
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