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Which Office Cleaning Supplies you Always Need

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A dirty workplace is an unhappy workplace where staff morale is low and clients don’t often walk through the door. A clean workplace has happy workers and regular clients and fewer members of staff using sick time. Make sure that you develop a checklist of office cleaning supplies so that you will never run out of something you always need. Here is a rundown on essential office cleaning supplies.

All purpose disinfectant – this type of sanitizer is essential for cleaning surfaces, door handles and light switches; basically anything or anyplace that gets touches by people’s hands. Choose one that is able to dissolve dirt and grime and is odorless so that it won’t irritate any of the staff. Not only does this type of sanitizer kill germs and keep surfaces looking clean, it also deodorizes.

Sterile wipes – these are ideal for cleaning computer monitor and telephones. Choose wipes that are anti-static.

Bleach or other antibacterial cleaner – this is great for the office break room. It will clean surfaces where food is prepared and kill pathogens preventing food contamination.

Erasing pads – these foam pads are impregnated with cleaner and are great for removing scuff marks, dirt and fingerprints from painted walls.

Toilet cleaner – an obvious essential to keep the restroom fresh.

Carpet cleaning supplies – a good vacuum cleaner should definitely be part of your essential office cleaning supplies. It should be a medium to large size and should have excellent suction and should be fitted with attachments for cleaning upholstery and curtains. It should ne well maintained and serviced regularly to make sure it functions optimally at all times. If it is the type of vacuum cleaner that uses disposable collection bags, you should make sure than you always have plenty in stock.

You should also keep a selection of special cleaning supplies such as spot and stain remover, gum remover, dry foam carpet cleaner and spray fabric protector.

Mops, brooms and dusters – these are essential cleaning supplies. Choose mops that can easily reach tight corners but are made from hygienic materials and have disposable heads. A bucket that squeezed out water is convenient as are buckets on wheels. Brooms should be of a number of sizes and materials to suit the surfaces you have to sweep. A dust pan is essential. You should have a range of dusting materials including anti-static dusting cloths for cleaning computer screens, blinds and mirrors

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