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What You Need to Know About Removing Window Tint

What You Need to Know About Removing Window Tint

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Window tint is applied by using a tinting film secured with an adhesive. The adhesive is designed to form a bond that lasts for years, which is a big reason why it’s so important to be careful when applying the film. But sooner or later, the time may come to remove that tint.

When You Need to Remove the Tint

Usually it’s pretty obvious when you need to remove the tint on your car’s windows. If you used a dyed tint film, then the color could fade and start to turn purple. Some films may even start to peel at the edges over time. Finally, the film could be damaged or scratched. While the film does have a protective layer, there are limits to its strength.

Basically: If your window tint starts to look bad, then you should look into removing it.

The other reason you might need to remove your window tinting? Because the law tells you to. Different states, cities, and counties have limits on how much you can tint your windows. If you’re caught with a percentage lower than the legal limit, then you can get a fix-it ticket. And you’ll keep getting fix-it tickets until the tint is removed.

If Your Tint Was Professionally Installed

Many professionals guarantee their tint installation for the life of your car or as long as you own it, especially if you had premium tints installed. So if your tint is faded, peeling, or scratched, then take it back to the shop and you might get it removed or replaced for free. Even if you’re not sure about a warranty or guarantee, you could still get a good price.

If You Installed Your Own Tint

If you installed your own tint, then you’ve got a couple options. You can pay a professional to remove the tint for you. They have the specialized chemicals, tools, and skills to quickly remove even the most stubborn tint.

The other option is to tackle removing the tint on your own. The first step is to weaken the adhesive. This can be done a variety of ways, including ammonia, soap, steam, and heat. The most common method is to use trash bag material cut to fit your window, then to spray the film with ammonia. Cover both sides with the cut-outs, then wait an hour of the ammonia to soak in. Once the adhesive has been weakened, a razor blade or knife can be used to scrape up the edge of the film and peel it back. Like applying the film, this requires a lot of patience and time. You may have to use a razor blade to scrape the film off the window piece by piece. Once the film is removed, use something like Goof Off to get every last bit of adhesive off.

As you can see, this is very complicated and time-consuming, which is why many people think getting it professionally removed is worth the price.

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