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National Treasures: Why National Parks Make Great Vacations

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When it comes to National Parks, there are some biggies like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon. Beyond those famous names, there are actually 59 designated national parks around the country. Sometimes they can be a little remote and hard to get to, but here’s a few reasons why they’re well worth the extra effort.

They Make It Easy to Relax

Most national parks (with the exception of the National Mall in Washington), are away from major cities and the constant rushing that goes with them. Take some time to sleep in or relax with incredible views. Calm down and soak in everything around you, whether it’s gorgeous rock formations, incredible mountains, rich forests, or quiet lakes.

Many of the national parks will have grand hotels built into the park, giving you many of the amenities you’d expect from a top hotel, but surrounded by nature. That includes restaurants with fantastic chefs and great cuisine, so you can relax with a fantastic multi-course meal while staring out at nature.

They’re Built for Exploration

The large parks often have shuttle buses that take you between the major sights. You can use these to explore a bunch in a single day, or you can slow down and focus. Try renting a bike and riding out to see a geyser in Yellowstone, or along the valley in Yosemite. Hike through the rock formations of Monument Valley, drive the scenic Going to the Sun Road in Glacier Park, or kayak down rivers in the Appalachians.

Exploring is one of the best ways to share the experience with those around you, whether it’s a romantic trip with a loved one, a bonding trip with your whole family, or an adventure with your friends. You’re sure to remember not only the park, but what you did there, and who you did it with.

They Give You Perspective

The majority of the people in the US live in urban areas, which means most of us don’t spend a lot of time surrounded by nature. A week in a national park is the perfect cure. You can get up close and personal with wildlife like bison, bears, elk, and more. You can spend time surrounded by the forest breathing in the scent of pine. Or you can get up high and admire the quiet that comes from not being surrounded by buildings.

Sure, you’ll get a little dirty. You’ll also get plenty of fresh air, rich experiences, memorable sights, and an opportunity to reconnect with nature that’s unlike any other.

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