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Mother’s Day- 5 Rules for Finding the Right Restaurant

Mother’s Day: 5 Rules for Finding the Right Restaurant

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Mother’s Day is supposed to be about mom, but for the best dining experience, it’s important to choose a restaurant that suits your family, the occasion and the mother in question. These five rules will help you find the right restaurant for your celebration.

Rule 1: Be realistic.
If you or someone in your party has young children, tailor your choices to restaurants with kid-friendly menus and suitable accommodations. It doesn’t mean you have to go to one with play spaces and clowns, but you’ll want to save that quiet romantic restaurant for another time. If someone has special requirements such as food allergies or easy wheelchair access, consider these factors as well.

Rule 2: Consider her preferences.
Use mom’s preferences as a general guide. Does she savor steak or salmon? Does she favor barbecue or Italian food? Does she adore a particular restaurant’s delectable deserts or long for a relaxed brunch and chilled mimosas? Is she committed to natural ingredients or locally sourced foods? If she has a particular food passion, now’s the time to indulge it.

Rule 3: Respect her style.
It’s wise to let the mom’s personal style shape your selection. Is she relaxed and casual or quiet and formal? Would she prefer a special meal at an exclusive restaurant or a familiar one at her favorite diner? Would she enjoy something unique like lunch on a steamboat or dinner on a harbor cruise? Choosing a venue that suits her style lets her know you’ve been paying attention.

Rule 4: Think about timing.
Dinner is the top pick for more than half of those who eat out on Mother’s Day. Lunch is second, brunch is third and breakfast places a distant fourth. Use this information to your advantage. Does mom hate crowds? Will you have small children in tow? If so, opt for a restaurant that offers breakfast, brunch or lunch, any one of which is likely to be less crowded than dinner.

Rule 5: Consider practicalities.
Size and variety are practical realities that will influence your options. If you’re bringing a large group, choose a restaurant capable of handling it. Also consider menu variety. On Mother’s Day, some restaurants abandon their regular fare and offer a few specialty menus at a fixed price. For many families, this is the ideal approach, but think about whether it works for yours.

These guidelines will help you narrow the field to one perfect restaurant or a manageable few. Whether you’re making arrangements for the immediate family or a multi-family celebration, you’re participating in the time-honored tradition of dining out on Mother’s Day.

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