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Top Four Mistakes People Make in Choosing a College

Top 4 Mistakes People Make in Choosing a College

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Making mistakes in choosing a college can be a big problem for students. Choosing the wrong college can result in you being unhappy for years during your education. It can also result in a loss of money if you don’t complete your degree, a reduction in job prospects if you don’t do well in school, or the inability to get a job at all if you don’t choose a college that prepares you for the workplace. Read on to learn about the top mistakes people make in choosing a college.

Top Mistakes People Make in Choosing a College

  • Not researching the specific programs or departments available

Some people will pick a college because it is close to home or because it has a prestigious name, without making sure the school actually has academic programs in their areas of interest. If you want to major in a specific field, find out which schools are known for that field and which schools offer the best programs so you can learn about the things you are passionate about.

  • Not considering the cost of the school

Students often get into the school of their dreams or into a prestigious school and make up their minds they are going to attend that school no matter what the cost. While attending an expensive school can sometimes pay off if you get a good job, if you are entering a field where prestige of the school doesn’t matter or where you aren’t likely to make a lot of money, taking on large student loan debts can be a very bad decision, no matter how great the school seems.

  • Not looking into the career placement track at the school

For most people, the aim of going to college is- at least in part- to get a job. Look at how successful former graduates of the school are. Do a high percentage of graduates get jobs or do most remain unemployed? What resources does the school offer as far as an internship program or a career services center or alumni network that can help you get a job once you graduate.

  • Not applying to enough schools

Some people don’t apply to schools because they don’t think they can get in or because they don’t want to stay close to home. However, you may be missing out on great opportunities if you don’t send an application to a few reach schools or if you automatically discount your local state school, which may have a great program and which may offer you a very affordable way to attend college.

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