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Living Like a Local: The Advantage of a Vacation Rental

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It can be easy to forget, but a hotel isn’t your only option when it comes to vacation housing. Almost anywhere you go, you can find apartments and homes available to rent, and they come with several advantages.

They Save You Money

Vacation rentals almost always have a cheaper rate per person per night than a hotel, especially if you’re planning on staying for a long time. Vacation rentals can have a minimum stay of anywhere from two to five days, but you’ll often get discounts when staying for a week or month that drive down your per night rate even more.

They also help your food budget. Vacation rentals have kitchens, which means you don’t have to eat every meal at a restaurant. Buying groceries and cooking at the rental, even if it’s just for breakfast, can make a big difference in your budget, especially if you’re traveling with a family.

They Give You More

Cramming into a single hotel room night after night can quickly wear you out. Vacations rental give you space to spread out. For less than the price of a single hotel room, you can rent a one bedroom apartment with a living room, kitchen bedroom, and more. House rentals will have multiple rooms and plenty of communal spaces. Not to mention that most rentals come with laundry machines so you don’t have to take as much with you.

They’re Better for Families & Groups

Booking multiple hotel rooms can get really expensive, really quickly, especially if you want them all together. Renting a house for your vacation gives you plenty of room for everyone in your group, and not just in bedrooms. You’ll have living rooms, dining rooms, a kitchen, and all of the comforts of home. Relax with your friends after a day of sight-seeing, or bring your family together with a dinner made from locally-grown food.

Many house vacation rentals even have additional amenities like pools, hot tubs, game courts, and more that make them perfect for groups. And the best part? They’re all for the exclusive use of you and your family or friends.

They Let Your Live Like a Local

Vacation rentals are actual apartments and homes, which means they’re in real residential areas. Instead of being surrounded by other tourists, you’re surrounded by locals. All you have to do to experience the local culture is step outside your front door. Shop at the local grocery store, pick up pastries from the bakery down the street, and get dinner at the neighborhood’s favorite restaurant. There’s nothing quite like living like a local to give you an incredible travel experience.

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