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What Is the Lion Cut?

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The lion cut is a popular professional grooming cut that can be given to both dogs and cats. The cut generally shaves off most of the fur on the body and legs and leaves a tuff of fur on the tip of the tail and the paws; a sculpted lion’s mane cut leaves a long fringe of fur around the face.

Benefits of the Lion Cut

The lion cut is generally given to cats and dogs with especially long or thick fur such as Persians, Domestic Long Hairs, Chow Chows, Poodles and Pomeranians. The cut helps to reduce shedding, improve cleanliness and in the cases of kitties – reduces fur balls. The cut may also help to keep furry pets cool in hot and humid climates, but pet owners should take care not to leave their lion cut pet out in the sun; the limited amount of fur left on the body cannot offer any protection from the sun, and it is possible for pets to get a sunburn, especially when the cut is new.

The Lion Cut for Cats

Most professional groomers offer a standard lion cut for cats; the cut trims the fur almost down to the skin on the cat’s entire body, and, depending on the owner’s preference, fur may be left on the tail and legs. A professional groomer can perform this cut quickly, and a light shampoo will help to completely clean the cat’s skin after the fur has been trimmed away.

While most cats can be safely restrained for the cut, some cats do need to be tranquilized in order for the groomer to safely trim the cat’s fur; in these cases, it is best to have the cat trimmed at a veterinarian office that has a groomer on its staff.

The Lion Cut for Dogs

Groomers tend to have different types of lion cut styles they offer for dogs – the ‘severe cut’ leaves a big lion’s mane around the dog’s head but drastically trims the rest of the body, and the ‘light cut’ just trims a strip of hair around the dog’s midsection and lower back leaving a large mane around the dog’s head and shoulders. As there are so many varieties of the lion style cut for dogs, it is best to speak with your groomer in detail about the type of cut you want for your dog.

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