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Lawn Care Tips for the New York Area - Aerated Grass

Lawn Care Tips for the New York Area

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In an area like New York that gets extreme temperature differences over the course of a year, the most important season for lawn care isn’t spring, as most people might think. Correct autumn lawn care makes the biggest difference in the overall appearance and health of your lawn. While there are also steps that should be taken in the spring and summer, grass must be tended properly before winter’s first freeze to grow properly after the big thaw.

Autumn Care

September is the perfect time to start getting your lawn ready for the winter. Aerate (using either hand-held tools or a gas-powered machine) and fertilize to break up compacted dirt and encourage root growth. This is also a good month to seed new grass, since the ideal soil temperature for new roots to take hold is about 55 degrees.

Here’s a tip that will make most people happy. Instead of spending a lot of time raking and bagging up leaves that fall on your lawn, recent studies have shown that there are benefits to your lawn if you simply mow them up and leave them lying on the grass to act as mulch. Make sure to run them over a few times with the mower so they’re thoroughly shredded.

Spring Care

Of course, none of this means you should neglect your lawn in the spring. When the last of the snow is gone, wait until the soil has dried out completely before beginning any work. Start by removing sticks and raking up any remaining leaf debris (you can put it on your compost pile) and use fresh water to flush any areas of your lawn that might have been exposed to road salt. If you plan to use commercial products to control crabgrass, the period from late March to early April is a good time.


Nothing can take a healthy lawn and turn it into a brown wasteland faster than improper mowing practices. Set the blade on your lawnmower high so you’re cutting only about the top third of the blades of grass. This is because the length of each blade of grass determines how much sun the blade can absorb, which in turn determines the health of the lawn. Make sure the blade on your lawnmower is sharp so it cuts cleanly.

Because you aren’t mowing your lawn too short, you’ll want to make sure you mow often to keep it looking its best. Instead of bagging up the clippings, let them fall back onto the lawn to act as cheap, effective fertilizer.

A little foresight and preparation throughout the year will leave your New York-area lawn vibrant and attractive.

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