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Finding Good Job Agencies

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Job agencies can be a great way to find temporary work quickly. If you are in between jobs are looking for the flexibility of short-term employment, then seeking out a good agency may be a worthwhile idea. Learn how to find good job agencies so you get access to the best job opportunities.

Visit Several Job Agencies

Most likely, there are several temp agencies in your area that would be more than willing to take you on as a client. To find the best agency for your specific needs, it is recommended you visit several different agencies so you can compare services. Ideally, the agency you ultimately pick will be close to your house, as you may need to stop by occasionally to fill out paperwork.

More importantly, however, is finding an agency that is dedicated to helping you find a job. While at each agency, tell them what types of jobs you’re looking for and ask if you can review the current job listings they have available. In some cases, it may also be worthwhile to seek out an agency that specializes in job placement for your particular career field of choice.

Finding Job Agencies

Job agencies are typically pretty easy to find. A quick Web search for job agencies in your area will likely result in a number of options. Searching for agencies in the phone book is another option. Before contacting specific agencies, you might consider seeking out online reviews to gain some insight into how satisfied previous job seekers were with their services. You might also want to check with the Better Business Bureau to review any complaints that may have been filed against them.

Avoid Job Agencies That Charge Money

In general, job agencies should not charge you for their services. Rather, the employer who places each job ad provides payment to these agencies should you ultimately be hired. As such, agencies that request money upfront for their services are typically not to be trusted. However, in some cases an upfront fee may be standard practice. For example, au pair agencies sometimes charge fees. Regardless, visiting several job agencies will help you determine what the standard practices are for the specific type of agency you are interested in.

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