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Writing a Janitorial Services Contract

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Putting together a janitorial services contract can be stressful, since you want to ensure that everything you need to protect your business and get the service you need is included. Your contract is the legal document that entitles you to services, and it is essential that you and your company are adequately covered by the contract and that its provisions are detailed enough to be enforceable if necessary.

Janitorial Services Contract

The main features of your janitorial services contract should include a focus on the costs of labor, and on the materials and tools needed. Drafting a contract means that you will need to have a calculator on hand so you understand the total your company will be spending for services. Make sure the pricing plan and hourly fees work for you and that the price is clearly stated and that there are no hidden fees.

A janitorial services contract will include the materials and tools you will need to have on hand in order for the job to be done. Make sure the contract specifies what tools you need to provide and what the janitorial service company needs to provide. You want to ensure you don’t leave important items off, especially since many small items that you miss can result in a very large profit loss. Janitorial services contracts also include transportation fees, which are an important feature of getting workers to and from their jobs- make sure those fees are clearly stated.

For each contract, you will need to think about the cost of how many individuals you will need to pay to work at the job. Then, you might want to consider if they will work full-time or part-time, and the costs and benefits associated with both.

Consider the specific services that you need your janitorial services contractor to provide: are they only going to mop and wash, or could they include one-time services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, and yard work? In each contract, specifically outline what services you expect. You want to itemize the list to show what you will be requiring very specifically. Make sure it is in writing, along with any additional fees charged for special services. Make sure all the services are outlined on the janitorial services contract, and ask whether the janitorial services company you are hiring is ready to sign on or need to work with you to revise the janitorial services contract.

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