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Jade Jewelry and Good Luck

Jade Jewelry and Good Luck

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Jade Jewelry and Good Luck

While most gemstones are sometimes believed to possess properties of healing and power for various areas of life, few offer protection and luck in as many areas as jade jewelry.

Jade’s significance dates back to ancient China, where people wore and carried the stone for wealth, protection and to attract love. Today, many places sell small jade elephants that you can display to help attract wealth into your life. But why not carry jade’s luck and wealth wherever you go, instead, in a piece of jewelry? A piece of jade jewelry, whether a small jade elephant charm or a fashionable jade bangle bracelet, is thought to instill your life with its powers wherever you go. Pairing jade with silver or other gemstones is believed to enhance its properties, too.

What can jade’s power do? Jade jewelry is believed to help your life in the areas of:

  • Love
  • Wealth
  • Protection
  • Raising Children
  • Attracting Good Fortune

Jade Jewelry for Love

As a stone of fidelity, devotion, and attraction, it is believed that wearing jade not only attracts love into your life, it helps you hold onto the one you love.

Jade Jewelry for Wealth

Green is the color of money, so what better stone to attract more wealth and business success into your life than jade? By helping to put your life into perspective with its calming influence, it is thought that jade will help you prioritize your daily tasks, leading to greater success. Hailed as the stone of wealth, jade is believed to give you more positive energy to manage your business, bring wisdom and clear thinking to address business issues, and attract money into your life.

Jade Jewelry for Protection

Ancient Mayans and Aztecs believed jade protected the wearer against the Evil Eye, an ancient curse thought to bring bad luck to anyone who received it. It is thought that jade not only protects you against the evil thoughts of others, it helps banish negativity from your mind, which helps the Law of Attraction work for you. A stone of sincerity, jade is believed to alert you to lies and help you see the truth. Most importantly, it is believed, jade protects you from your enemies.

Jade Jewelry for Children

Jade’s powers of protection are believed to extend to children as well. Jade’s calming effect will help a parent raise children with love and patience. With properties to soothe anxiety, it is thought that jade can make you a more rational parent in the midst of a chaotic household.

Jade Jewelry for Overall Good Luck

Many cultures, including the Irish, see the color green as a symbol of good luck. Jade’s opaque green hue not only looks beautiful in a ring, pendant, or bracelet, but it is believed that it helps attract good fortune into your life.

Very popular in spiritual and healing practices, jade is believed to improve your life by offering balance, wisdom, and a sense of calm. Such a positive perspective makes it easier to attract everything you want into your life.

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