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How to Sell Your House

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Knowing the basics of how to sell your house can help you smoothly navigate the real estate process. Every transaction brings its own set of nuances to make it different from every other home sale, but in general, the steps remain the same. Once you learn the common tasks you’ll face, you’re ready to start tackling the more complex issues.

Clean Your House

Perhaps the most overlooked task when deciding how to sell your house is cleanliness. It’s no secret that clean homes show better than filthy ones, so make a point to give every nook and surface a thorough scrubbing. Once everything is gleaming, you’ll notice imperfections to fix and paint or carpet in need of replacement.

Complete the Honey-Do’s

Every homeowner has a list of tasks to do around the home they can’t quite complete. Before you list your home, or even consider bringing a realtor to view it, you should work on that list. Trimming tree branches and power washing the siding may seem like trivial activities when you want to move, but every “honey-do” can beautify the home and highlight key selling features.

Determine Your Minimum Price

When writing the action list of how to sell your house, don’t delay crunching the numbers. The ultimate goal is to make a profit, but in some real estate markets, you may settle for breaking even. This means you need to add your outstanding mortgage balance to any other existing liens on the property. If you already know what you expect to spend on repairs and sales activities, add that as well. With this information, you can set your minimum acceptable sales price and work from there.

Visit Local Realtors

Even if you already know how to sell your house on your own, it doesn’t hurt to visit with local realtors. Because their job is selling homes, they know the real estate market and can tell you what buyers expect. Working with a realtor gives you the added bonus of not having to work your life around showing the home.

Decide on Representation

Do you know all the legal considerations of how to sell your house? While you may be able to find a buyer and agree on a final price without assistance, you can still benefit from a professional’s expertise. Without a second set of eyes on the seller disclosure and contract for sale, it’s easy to forget a required detail.

If your state mandates something you aren’t familiar with, you could face penalties or legal liability for failure to comply. This makes it critical to retain the services of someone familiar with the steps of how to sell your house to review everything before closing. The added peace of mind you receive is well worth the expense.

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