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make monday your most productive day of the week

How to Make Monday Your Most Productive Day of the Week

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Unfortunately, Mondays are known as a day of playing catch-up while Tuesdays are widely believed to be the most productive day of the week. If you can’t afford to waste the beginning of your week, these five simple tricks could help you make Monday your most productive day of the week.

1. Set the intention for the day

Since the weekend can disrupt anyone’s schedule, people tend to be tired, groggy and reactive on Monday mornings. If you want to turn things around and be more productive when the new week starts, set aside a few minutes during your morning routine to set that intention for the day.

Some people like to incorporate this into their morning mediation, but it doesn’t take a formal activity to work. While you’re having a cup of coffee before you leave or brushing your teeth, take a few minutes to focus on what you must do that day and what you’d like to accomplish. This simple activity can help your mind better focus on what’s important once the rush of the day begins.

2. Do the scariest task first

Let’s face it; we’ve all got that one item on our to-do list that we’re so dreading that we’ll happily postpone it from one day to the next until we have no choice but to do it or pay the consequences.

Start your day with this scary task.

Not only will completing this mammoth task make everything else on your list seem like a cakewalk, but you’ll also gain the immediate satisfaction of completing an important task at the start of your week.

3. Turn off your email client

Unless your sole job focus is to respond to emails the moment they arrive, checking email can be a distraction. If turning off your email completely sounds like too much, you can always shut off the notification pop-ups instead. This will allow you to focus on the work you need to accomplish from your to-do list without getting pulled away to work on less important tasks.

Create hyper-focused blocks of time

Distractions and interruptions are two of the biggest reasons people are unable to stay productive on Mondays. If you have a task or project that you need to make headway on, it’s time to create hyper-focused blocks of time to allow you to get into the productivity groove.

To do this, shut off your email client, silence your phones and shut your door. If you can’t afford to stay disconnected from the world for too long, set an alarm to let you know when your time is up. Since each distraction from a complicated project can set you back 15 minutes or more, this strategy can help you to complete your projects faster than you would between emails, phone calls and office small talk.

Plan ahead

One reason that Mondays are so unproductive is because people have the tendency to put off work as the weekend approaches. The absolute best way to have a productive Monday is to plan ahead for it. Rather than putting off menial tasks until Monday, take care of as many of them as possible on Friday before you head out to enjoy your weekend.

It’s also a good idea to review your calendar for the following week on Fridays. If you see any major projects you’ll need to start on Monday, you can begin gathering your resources or preparing the paperwork you’ll need for it. Not only will staying busy help your Friday go by faster, but doing the menial work related to a project at the end of the week will allow you to jump right in to the meat of the project when you arrive on Monday morning.

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