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bees in honey comb

How to Kill Bees Naturally

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How to kill bees naturally and without harmful chemicals is a problem that many homeowners face. However, you can go about doing so in several ways. There are some things that you must remember when trying to kill bees naturally, as this can ultimately make your task much easier. You do not necessarily have to kill bees to get rid of them, but if you want to exterminate bees and have children, pets, or are worried about the surrounding environment or wildlife, natural solutions are probably ideal for you.

Soap and Water

You should mix about six tablespoons of standard dish detergent with a half-gallon of water in a bucket. Wait until nighttime when the bees are resting in the hive. Slosh the whole amount onto the hive, and try to saturate the entrance as much as you can if you are able to find it. Make sure to wear heavy, protective clothing to guard against bee stings, and make a hasty exit after you have splashed the hive. It may take repeat applications to exterminate the bees, but you should notice a drop in the bee population each time. This is better than some chemical insecticides since they can be harmful to the environment and possibly damage the exterior of your home.

Borax Powder

Boric acid (borax) is an excellent natural bee killer and is ideal for homeowners who want to know how to kill bees effectively. It is poisonous not only to bees, but to most other pests as well. It is generally safe for humans and requires a very large amount to be toxic. How to kill bees effectively with borax is a matter of sprinkling the powder in an area where the bees come and go often if you cannot get it directly into the nest. The dust sticks to the bees and they carry it back to their hive. Within days, the hive should disappear. This is ideal if you cannot see or do not have direct access to the hive but know where the bees go to feed. Putting bait out in the open and putting borax in and around the hive is an excellent way to kill bees.

Killing bees without damaging the surrounding environment, ecosystem, wildlife, or endangering pets or children can be difficult to accomplish without using traditional insecticides. However, you should avoid using insecticides whenever possible. Professional pest controllers may have some options for you if you are trying to find out how to kill bees without poison, so contacting local pest control companies may be your best option.

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