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How to Get Rid of Mice

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How to get rid of mice is a problem many households struggle with. These pests are attracted to food crumbs and nesting materials you may have in your home. Since mice breed quickly, it’s important to get the issue under control before it gets out of hand. Here are some tips on how to get rid of mice.

Make Your House Less Mouse-Friendly

Mice are attracted to pretty much all food; especially grains and sweets. Search every inch of your kitchen for spilled foods and crumbs and clean these areas thoroughly with vinegar and water. Also, purchase air tight containers for food to keep the pests away.

Once you have the kitchen under control, go through your entire house including dining rooms, children’s rooms and any other places where food is allowed. Vacuum and mop these areas thoroughly, removing any crumbs or sticky substances.

Get Rid of Bird Feeders

Although the birds won’t be happy, it’s important to remove bird feeders. Mice are attracted to sweet substances and will keep coming back to your house until the feeders are removed.

Safeguard Outside Storage Areas

If you have exterior sheds or shelters, check these areas for mouse friendly items. These include pet food and seeds you might use in the garden. Put these items in air tight containers to discourage the mice.

Find the Access Point

Mice typically only travel 25 feet away from their home. That means if you find a mouse in your house, their nest is likely to be very close. Mice can enter your home through an opening as small as a dime; much smaller then people think. Search your home for any small openings and seal the area well. If these holes are large, use durable substances such as mortar. Small areas can be blocked with metal platted materials.

Use Mint to Repel Mice

Mice don’t like the smell or taste of mint. You can spread this substance around the perimeter of your home and even plant mint in pots around your house.

Use Mouse Traps

Before setting up the traps, place them in the infested areas with some bait. This will get the mice comfortable with the traps and more likely to fall for the bait.

Once the mice are in a routine of visiting the traps, start setting them. And don’t move the trap for a few days, even if the bait isn’t taken. Sometimes mice need to see the trap a few times before they’ll consider taking the bait.

Setting about 5 traps at one time should help get rid of mice quickly. Plus, you’ll want to bait the traps with mice friendly foods, like peanut butter or uncooked bacon. You can also use cotton balls, which they’ll take for nesting materials.

Get Professional Help to Get Rid of Mice

If your mouse population is large, consider getting professional help. Technicians can get rid of mice quickly and are experienced in keeping these pests away for a long period of time.

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