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hotnets' nest in tree

Hornets Nest Removal

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Having a hornets nest is a problem for many households. These insects can cause damage to the home depending on where they’ve built their nest, and are a general nuisance, posing an often painful threat to family members who have the misfortune of encountering these pests. But fortunately, removing the hornets nest will help safeguard you and your family against this issue. Here are some tips for hornets nest removal.

Locate the Hornets Nest

The best time to locate a hornets nest is in the evening. This is when all of the hornets are returning or have returned home to the nest. Look for swarms of these pests flying in a certain direction to locate the nest.

Use an Insecticide Spray

Companies design specific insecticide sprays for getting rid of hornets’ nests. Choose a product that will spray from a distance of at least 15 feet, allowing you to safely keep your distance from the nest.

Wear Protective Clothing

When removing a hornets nest, it’s important to wear protective clothing. Choose clothing that’s thick, like sweats, a winter coat or multiple layers of heavy clothing. Also, choose pants that have elastic at the bottom. This will prevent hornets from flying up your pants. Make sure all parts of your skin are covered. And wear a protective mask, safety goggles and thick gloves.

Spray the Nest

The best time to get rid of a hornets nest is in the evening when the hornets are in the nest and moving slower. Locate the entrance of the nest and spray the insecticide while standing about 10-15 feet away from the nest. Don’t be alarmed if the hornets swarm outside of the nest – this is normal. Just make sure you keep your distance to avoid being stung. The spray should kill hornets on contact.

After you’ve sprayed the nest, look around the area for any escapees and target these hornets directly. Then, check the nest the following day for any sign of the pests. It’s a good idea to spray the nest and surrounding area again just to make sure they’re all gone.

Removing the Hornets Nest

Once you’re certain the hornets are gone, remove and destroy the nest. Place it in an extra thick trash bag. Those used for lawn clean-up work best. Then, thoroughly clean the area that held the nest (like house siding) with soap and water. This will remove the scent of the nest; which might otherwise encourage hornets to start up a new colony.

Get Professional Help for Hornets Nest Removal

Treating a hornets nest can seem a little intimidating. For these situations, consider soliciting the help of a professional. They can identify and remove the nest. Plus, a technician can also provide tips for safeguarding against these pests in the future.

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