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What is a Home Improvement Contractor?

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Some home improvement projects can be performed by you, but others will require the services of a home improvement contractor. The larger the interior or exterior home improvement project, the more likely you will need to hire a professional.

A home improvement contractor is a group/company or individual that contracts with a homeowner for the construction or renovation of a home from modifying its structure to improving the lawn and outbuildings, like the garage.

A home improvement contractor is responsible for the completion of the home improvement project outlined in the contract. The contract usually includes the budget, clauses for any home improvement and specialized conditions, and the plans for the project prepared by an architect or other design professional.

A home improvement contractor typically provides the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the completion of the project. A home improvement contractor often delegates part of the contract work to subcontractors, other persons and/or companies, who specialize in certain fields of work.

If the home improvement contractor is part of a design firm, the contractor can provide as a pre-design service an accurate estimate of the budget and scheduling in order to maximize a project’s efficiency. If an architect is used to develop the plans for the home renovation project, the home improvement contractor is hired to execute the project. The owner, architect and home improvement contractor will have to work together to meet contract deadlines and stay under budget. Often there can be disagreements between the contractor and the architect over style vs. function, which can lead to lawsuits which will end to prolong or even halt a project. Hiring a design firm that is responsible for both the design and construction of a project is becoming more popular today.

Home improvement contractors often take courses in vocational schools to learn their job skills. Some learn their work as apprentices. Most must be licensed in each state and may be required to take an oral and written exam. Contractors also typically take ongoing certification or training in order to keep up with current construction techniques and standards. Those who are members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) or National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) are especially desirable for hiring since they tend to be among the most professional and conscientious in their industry. Contractors must also be insured in order to protect home owners from liability in case of unpaid bills and injuries incurred during the project.

When undergoing a major interior or exterior home improvement project, a home improvement contractor will be needed to ensure the project is carried out properly.

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