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How to Rent a Hall for a Reception or other Event

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Finding reception halls or banquet facilities for important event is an easy process, but does require attention to detail. If you have been charged with finding a facility for a party, reception, or other event, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Basic hall hiring information

When you begin calling different locations and venues, be prepared. When you call, the person you will deal with wants certain information. He or she will need to know the:

Date – The facility needs to be available on the date you need. If it is possible, try to have an alternate date available.

Time – Do you need the hall for the whole day? The morning? Afternoon? Evening? Many locations try to book as many activities into their location as possible on a given day, so knowing what time they need to block out is important to their business.

Number of attendees – This lets the vendor know if your event can be accommodated at their location. Fire codes place limits on the number of people who can be in the building, and you do not want a site that cannot meet your needs.

Theme or purpose – Is your event a wedding or wedding reception, Quinceanera, anniversary, or club gathering? Providing this information enables the representative help you with further planning regarding additional services they provide, or recommendations for different vendors.

Budget – The size of your budget determines the size of the hall, how long you can rent it, and what extras can be included in your rental package. You will also have to put down a deposit, and you will need to know the cancellation date, and how much of the deposit is refundable in the event of cancellation.

Extras you may need – many event halls can provide additional material and services. Do you need tables and chairs, food service equipment, sound equipment, decorations? Ask to find out what is included in the fee. You also need to be clear as to who is responsible for cleaning up after the party’s over.

Being able to answer these questions will help the rep will be able to tell you if your request can be accommodated, and the different options you may have available.

Different hall options

Church, VFW, Knights of Columbus, Odd Fellows, and other organizations are not the only providers of event locations. Hotels, restaurants, and country clubs have facilities to accommodate groups of different sizes and purposes. One advantage to facilities such as these is that they include the hall in the cost of the catering for the event.

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