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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs and Keep Them Away

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Getting rid of bed bugs can be a difficult task because these insects are extremely small – as tiny as 1/16 of an inch – and tend to hide in or near rooms where they can access people or animals for meals of blood. Before the bed bug has had a meal it is clear and nearly impossible to see. The bite of a bed bug is pain-free for most people, who wake up in the morning with a bump or itchy area that is often confused for mosquito bites. The bugs often hide in crevices in bedding or under carpeting or other objects near the bed.

Locating the Problem

That is Job No. 1 for any pest professional. Bed bugs are commonly confused for mosquitoes or other insects, and it’s important for the pest professional to find live or dead bugs or stains and skins that have been shed. Your bed bug exterminator will search through the room where complaints about bed bug bites have been received. It’s important to find where the bed bugs are hiding and the scope of the problem in your home. Bed bug exterminators know to check all rooms in the house because the bed bug is quite transient. In fact, experts say increased travel habits by humans in the past few decades have made it easier for bed bugs, which can burrow into your luggage, clothing or other personal items.

Bed Bugs Are Durable

These are extremely tough bugs, and it’s one of the reasons they have become an international phenomenon in the past few decades. Although bed bugs live with us and feed off of us, they do so only at night. They are tiny – a large bed bug may be ¼ of an inch long. Bed bugs can handle remarkable temperature extremes, according to scientists. While they can be frozen and killed – the temperature has to be at least -16 for approximately 80 hours. They also can be exposed to heat and killed, but it must be at least 113 degrees for a significant period of time. This impressive durability makes the help of a professional bed bug exterminator a necessity.

Working with the Professional

One myth regarding bed bugs is that they are attracted to locations that are filthy and are not as likely to inhabit a house or hotel that is impeccably cleaned. Actually, experts say what homeowners should be cleaning is the clutter near and around bedding that gives bed bugs plenty of places to hid until nightly attacks and then easily escape and return to hiding after that. The pest control expert will handle the application of any pesticides and will oversee the removal of bed bugs that are vacuumed – it actually is common for bed bugs to return to an infestation site after a thorough cleaning because they can survive the process of being sucked up by a vacuum. Your bed bug expert may recommend protecting the mattresses in your home in a zipped-up plastic covering.

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