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Why Your Garage Door Remote Stopped Working

Why Your Garage Door Remote Stopped Working

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Did your garage door remote control stop working?

If so, it’s not exactly an end-of-the-world problem. But as life’s little annoyances go, it’s fairly high up on the list. Because now you have to get out of your car and open the door manually when you pull into the drive after a long day’s work.

And that stinks!

So when your remote goes bad, there’s plenty of motivation to find the cause of the problem and correct it.

Before you do anything else, confirm that the problem is with the remote and not with the opener. If you have multiple remotes, just grab another and see if it works. You can also manually activate the garage door opener to confirm that the remote is the problem.

If you’re sure that the remote is to blame, there are several possible problems that can cause a garage door remote to stop working. (You have already checked the batteries, right?) Here are the most likely causes of your annoying problem:


Do you typically hit the open button while you’re still quite a distance from your home? If so, you might be flirting with the operational boundaries of your remote. Even if it has worked reliably from an equivalent distance in the past, it’s still possible that you’re just out of range.

This problem, of course, is very easily diagnosed. If you move close to your door and the remote works reliably, then you were just too far away. But if that’s not the cause of your problem (and you’re not likely to be that lucky, are you?), then one of the following might be.


Did you know that temperatures can affect the functionality of a remote? In truth, it’s not the remote itself that’s affected, but the safety sensors that are part of the opener’s system.

These sensors are typically contained in steel housings. And when the weather turns extreme – hot or cold – the steel housings can expand or contract, causing the infrared beams of the sensors to become slightly misaligned.

Having the sensors realigned should fix the problem.

Bad Circuitry

And finally – yes, it’s possible that your remote control has simply died. Every electrical component has a finite lifespan, and it may be that problems have developed with the internal circuitry of your remote.

Repairing your remote is not likely to be a feasible option. But replacing your remote is also not likely to be difficult or terribly expensive. If you have the paperwork for your automated opening system, you might want to check it for recommended procedures for obtaining a replacement remote.

But you don’t necessarily need to obtain a remote from the original manufacturer. Universal remotes are available that are compatible with almost all manufacturers. And the best universal remotes are easily programmable; you should be able to have your new remote working in seconds.

So if your annoying problem really is with the remote, and not some other problem with the opener, that’s a problem that is easily solved.

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