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monday motivation make a difference for others

For Monday Motivation, Make a Difference for Others

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Did you know that doing something nice for others has the power to lift your spirits and change your mood? If Mondays tend to be rough on you, focusing on the needs of others could give you the motivational boost you need. While there are endless ways to do positive things for other people, these three ways you can make a difference today can help you get started.

Bring in treats

Whether you’re heading to the office or to a study group, food is one of those things that’s always appreciated. While sugary treats like donuts, cookies and cupcakes usually go on the no-no list when you’re feeling down because of the inevitable sugar crash they bring, it’s a little different when you’re bringing something for the whole group.

Let’s face it; hungry people tend to be grumpy people – especially the closer they get to meal times. Supplying edible treats can silence rumbling tummies so that everyone can focus on what they need to accomplish. If you happen to be with a group of people who don’t eat processed sugar or are on a diet, fruit may be your best bet.

Pay it forward

For some people, it can be difficult to do something nice for other people because they don’t quite know how to accept the gratitude they receive. In other cases, people simply feel better about themselves when they aren’t recognized for their acts of charity and kindness. Taking the pay it forward approach is perfect if you fall into either of those groups.

In a society that’s always on the go, something as simple as buying the coffee for the person behind you in line or paying for someone else’s meal at the fast food window can have a powerful impact on someone’s day. It’s not so much about the amount of money you spend, but more that a complete stranger took the time to do something nice for them.

Share a smile

Of course, making a difference doesn’t have to involve spending a dime. See someone having a bad day? Smile to offer silent encouragement. The thing that makes smiling at other people so powerful is that smiles are contagious. That smile you gave to the woman at the drycleaners might get passed on to dozens of people over the course of the day.

Ultimately, we can never know the struggles that the people around us are facing or all the reasons for the sour expressions they wear on their faces. If your kindness can get one person going through a hard time to forget their worries and smile for even a few minutes, you’ve made more of a difference than you’ll ever realize. Isn’t that really the best pick-me-up when you’re running short on Monday motivation?

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