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Five Reasons to Choose Organic Tent Fumigation

Five Reasons to Choose Organic Tent Fumigation

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When certain insects are detected in your home, spot treatments to eliminate them may not be sufficient. Drywood termites, Powderpost beetles, and other pests that cause extensive damage to wood or other homebuilding materials require stronger measures to eradicate them, and tent fumigation is often the process recommended.

For those who are reticent about using strong chemicals, there may be organic options available, and choosing this process if offered by the fumigation company has some advantages

1. Reduced ozone and other environmental damage

Some chemicals, such as methyl bromide, are known to deplete the ozone layer. Avoiding these types of pesticide and substituting organic compounds that are less harmful will take care of your pest problem without inflicting further damage to an already fragile environment.

2. More efficient post-fumigation cleaning

After the fumigation process has been completed, it may be necessary to thoroughly clean all the exposed surfaces of your home, including ceilings, walls, and floors. Organic pesticides may be easier to neutralize with readily available cleaning products, lessening the danger posed by absorption of the residual compounds through the skin.

3. Less risk of further contamination

When cleaning up after chemical pesticide fumigation, the water used for cleaning will be contaminated with the insecticide, and may require special handling for disposal. When organic compounds are used, local regulations may not be as rigid when the time comes to dump the cleaning water.

4. Less risk to the family

Even the most meticulous post-fumigation cleaning can still leave traces of the pesticides behind. However, when approved organic fumigants are used, the danger posed by what remains is less likely to be harmful than harsher, artificially produced insecticides.

5. Less risk in the event of a leak

Some chemical pesticides put the surrounding community in danger if they leak from the fumigation tent. Organic pesticides should not pose the same dangers to humans or pets if they escape, as they may be neutralized and dissipate more quickly into the atmosphere.

If an inspection of your home has revealed a problem with insects that will require tent fumigation, talk with your pest control company about the available options for pesticides. If they offer organic pesticides, ask for a written description of them and how they are defined by the EPA. Once you have the information you need, choose the organic pesticide that will effectively eliminate the damaging insects with as little ancillary damage as possible.

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