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community college building

Five Benefits of Community College

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Here are five good reasons to choose a community college education.

Number one — reduced tuition and room and board costs. The vast majority of colleges and universities charge tens of thousands of dollars per semester. When you extrapolate those costs over four years, they can add up to well over $100,000. When you enroll in a stellar community college program, on the other hand, you can accomplish very similar academic successes at a fraction of the cost.

Number two — ability to transfer credits. The vast majority of colleges and universities accept transfer credits from community colleges. Thus, you can take your preparatory core classes at community college and then transfer to a college or university for extended, more precise coursework. As a precursor to your college and university education, community college can save you money and provide a transitional pathway to independent living.

Number three — programs to develop vocational skills. If you want to specialize in a field but don’t want to ?waste? several years of your life pursuing a liberal arts education, you can use community college to sharpen your trade skills. Moreover, with sponsored industry outreach programs, you can get paired up with industry pros right after graduation.

Number four — convenience and size. Community colleges are often situated in the hearts of towns or cities. You can usually take public transportation to and from your classes (thus saving on car and gas costs). Plus, you can likely easily live at home and save money on room and board. Moreover, community college classes connect you with the local urban environment and provide opportunities for outreach programs. Finally, with reduced class sizes and limited enrollment, you get lots of one-on-one attention from professors and instructors.

Number five — a schedule which integrates with your life. If you’re busy attending to family needs or working a day job to make ends need, you likely can’t afford to devote the time and energy necessary to complete a four year college and university program. Community colleges offer unique opportunities for working students and new parents to enjoy the benefits of education at a pace that makes sense. Moreover, you can work with your community instructors to make up missed coursework online.

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