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What is a Fitness Plan?

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Want to know what a fitness plan is? A fitness plan is exactly that– a detailed plan of the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, and why) the plan will be implemented. Not only does this tool eliminate any guesswork, but it also serves as a reminder when motivation may be lacking, or schedules become hectic.

Determining the Why of Your Fitness Plan

The quest for fitness typically begins with a goal in mind. Examples of these goals are: to lose 20 lbs. by a wedding, to firm up the back of the arms, to fit in a specific piece of clothing, etc. Detailing the reasons for the plan can be quite effective as a way to stay on course.

Establishing the Who

Determining the who is easy. However, the fitness plan should include who else will be needed to execute the fitness plan. Will a trainer be utilized, a gym, several exercise classes? Alternatively, will it be solo going? If embarking on the plan alone, remember friends, family members and coworkers who encourage you are part of the plan. Be sure to list who will be contacted, how the contact will take place, and the frequency for the fitness plan.

The What and Where are Crucial

Workouts can get boring over time. Depending on the established duration, consider the type of workout that will be used to reach the goal. Will it be a mixture of gym work and classes, or jogging and swimming? While it is acceptable to add to the plan, having an idea of possible fitness activities, and an idea of when switches will occur, can help keep a plan interesting. A more viable plan will help make it less likely to derail.

The When is Key

Designating a specific time each day is the most important part of a fitness plan. Everything else can be listed, but without an actual plan of when it will be executed, life will get in the way. Determine the preferred time of a day to incorporate fitness. Will it be mornings before work, at midday during lunch, or evening after work? Once an ideal time is determined be consistent, plan your workouts for a set length of time, on the same days per week, or different ones, if that best suits the schedule. Be sure to allow for rest days, but not too many between workouts.

Once the fitness plan has been established, consider it a contract with yourself – one that is completely binding, and work towards completing your goals.

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