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Fire damaged room

The Dangers of Fire and Smoke Damage

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Fire and smoke damage are two of the worst results of a house fire, as they not only permeate flooring, walls, ceilings, and everything else you own, but smoke can contain toxic chemicals that can result in severe health risks or even death. While fire can consume your home in flames within a few minutes, smoke can be much more dangerous, as it acts as a vehicle for spreading fire and can find its way through plumbing systems by using holes around pipes, ventilation systems, and heating and cooling systems to move from floor to floor. This ultimately damages equipment throughout your home and leaves a pungent odor that is incredibly difficult to get rid of. When dealing with the aftermath of a house fire, it can be helpful to know some basic information about the dangers of fire and smoke and the damage they can cause to your home.

Contents of Fire and Smoke Damage

Of fire and smoke, smoke is certainly more dangerous. It can contain highly toxic gases and leaves thick, black deposits on all surfaces, which can result in not only severe health risks, but also causes extensive damage to your home. Smoke moves through your home within minutes and can completely coat your entire home in two to three minutes. The most dangerous aspect of smoke is its toxicity, however. The gases within smoke fall within two groups: one that acts as a narcotic and one that acts as an irritant to your body. Initial exposure to the narcotic gases in smoke causes disorientation, confusion, rashness, and even euphoria. Initial exposure to the irritant gases, especially when they contact the mucus-covered membranes in your body such as your eyes and respiratory tract, is extremely painful. Exposure to smoke for longer than two to three minutes is often fatal.

Fire and Smoke Damage Make Your Home Unsafe

In addition to emitting toxic fumes that are unsafe to breathe, fire and smoke damage can also weaken the structure of your home and make it unsafe for you to enter. Even if fire does not completely destroy a portion of your home, this does not mean it is safe to walk in your home. The fire may have damaged the foundation or framework of your home, which means your home could collapse around you if you put pressure on the weakened boards. Before attempting to enter your home after a fire, you should always hire a professional restoration company to inspect your home and determine any damages that require repair or restoration. It is never a good idea to attempt to clean fire and smoke damage yourself, as you likely do not possess the experience, expertise, and proper equipment to tackle such a task.

Fire and smoke damage poses many dangers for homeowners and it is always best to contact a professional restoration company before attempting any type of damage cleanup yourself. For more information on how to handle fire and smoke damage or about its dangers, you should contact a fire damage contractor.

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