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Types of Financial Jobs

Types of Finance Jobs

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There are a wide array of different types of finances jobs. Jobs in the finance field involve instructing clients on the best ways to manage their money. This is done by analyzing the client’s status and needs as well as by providing direction on how they can achieve their financial goals. There are many career opportunities for financial professionals. Here are examples of the different types of finance jobs.

Different Types of Finance Jobs

  • Accountant

An accountant is a person who is skilled and knowledgeable in bookkeeping, maintaining financial documents and records, maintaining audits, and preparing financial reports. It is the goal of the accountant to provide managers, tax departments, and investors with accurate financial information that is required for making those necessary savings, investments, and tax decisions.

  • Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are responsible for working out deals between property owners and interested buyers. They also interact with appraisers in order to determine a property’s market value.

  • Investment Banker

An investment banker will typically work with companies, corporations, or the government, and functions as a guide for selling stocks and bonds. They are also competent in providing financial advice regarding investments and how to minimize liabilities.

  • Financial Analyst

A financial analyst analyzes an organization’s growth and earnings using fundamental tools. They generally summarize their analysis and submit reports to the company. This reports aid the management and its investors in making financial decisions.

  • Fund Manager

A fund manager assists in managing mutual funds, hedge funds, retirement funds, and other types of investment funds. They make sure that the necessary strategies are implemented to grow the money in the funds and that trading activities are all in order.

  • Stock Broker

A stock broker assists in the buying and selling of securities. They also guide their clients or investors in maintaining a diversified investment portfolio.

  • Insurance Agent

An insurance agent sells products such as life, health, and auto insurance to clients. They guide clients into determining the best type of coverage to suit their needs.

  • Financial Adviser

There are financial and wealth management companies that provide clients with financial advice in order to help them map-out their plans for the future. For instance, financial advisers can instruct parents on how to build funds for the college tuition of their children, while those who opt for early retirement usually consult with financial advisers in order to be informed on the best ways to have a financially secured future.

  • Commercial Banking

Jobs in commercial banking include cash management, foreign currency exchange, customer service, anti-money laundering, and internal auditing just to name a few.

Those who are interested in obtaining jobs in the field of finance should begin by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in finance. This makes you qualified for entry level positions in finance. If you are opting for a managerial job, obtaining a Master’s degree in finance will equip and qualify you for higher level positions. You should also consider consulting with headhunters or recruitment professionals who can assist you in finding finance jobs that you pay be qualified for.

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