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Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Towing

Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Towing

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Motorcycles break down just like any other vehicle, and when they do, towing is the smartest way to get your bike to the repair shop.

How’s It Different than Car Towing?

Motorcycles and trikes are different than cars in more ways than the number of wheels. Their balance and engine functions are completely different. For example, front wheel locks are common, especially newer bikes, but the center of gravity skews to the back of the bike. As a result, simply lifting the bike up by its front wheel can cause the bike to bounce out of the cradle. That’s not to mention the simple fact that two-wheeled bikes could easily topple over if only secured by a single wheel.

Specialized Companies Care About Your Bike

Look for companies that specialize in motorcycling towing–they’re passionate about bikes, and usually are motorcycle riders, too. So they know how important a bike can be to its owner, and will treat your motorcycles accordingly.

Specialized Motorcycle Towing Setups

That means investing in towing systems that are made specifically with motorcycles in mind.

Flatbeds: The simplest motorcycle towing system is the good old fashioned flatbed. Motorcycle flatbeds have supports built into them to hold motorcycles. Ramps are extended, then the bike is wheeled up into the flatbed.

Ramped flatbeds: These setups combine the ramp and flatbed into a single mechanism. The flatbed extends out and down into a ramp. The bike can be rolled onto the ramp and secured, then the flatbed will slide up into position.

Hydraulic Lifts: These lifts are specially made for motorcycle towing from the ground up. Some of them are flatbeds that extend down to lie flat on the ground. The motorcycle is fully secured, then the whole apparatus is lifted onto the truck and locked into position. Others secure the front tire on flat ground, then pull the bike up into position using hydraulics.

Why It’s Extra Important to Have Towing Coverage

No matter what kind of towing is used, when your bike needs towing, you need someone to be there. After all, motorcycles don’t exactly have room for a spare tire or a jack. Not only that, but many bikers love to take trips in remote ares.

Motorcycle towing coverage makes sure that someone’s there when you need them. Not all roadside services provide coverage for motorcycles, so check any policies you have. If they don’t, then you can get exclusive motorcycle coverage that has a network of dedicated motorcycle towing companies.

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