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A Helpful Event‐planning Checklist

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When it comes to planning the details of a special event or celebration, time is of the essence, and the sooner you begin the planning process, the more likely everything is to run smoothly. That is why having an event-planning checklist can make this time-consuming process much easier.

Deadlines for an Event-planning Checklist

In most cases, it is a good idea to begin filling out your event-planning checklist about two months before the date of your event. During the first few weeks, you should do the following:

  • Determine the purpose of the event
  • Choose a tentative date
  • Determine whether the venue is available
  • Decide which performers (if any) you want to hire
  • Establish your budget

You should allow about two weeks to accomplish these tasks, since they can end up requiring more time than you think. Once you reach the six-week mark, it is a good idea to do these things:

  • Finalize the event’s date, time, and location
  • Make sure you have secured appropriate entertainment
  • Reserve any audio/video equipment
  • Meet with a catering company to discuss food and beverage options
  • Choose a theme and title for your event
  • Finalize your budget

After you have handled these tasks, you can begin preparing your guest list and sending out invitations, since you want to give everyone plenty of time to RSVP. During this time, you can also purchase any decorations, organize volunteers if necessary, and send reminder emails to all your guests who have responded.

The day of your special event is likely to be the busiest one, since you will need to decorate the venue, make sure the catering staff sets everything up correctly, and greet your guests as they enter the venue. If you have consulted with an event planner, all you need to do at this point is sit back and enjoy your party while he or she makes sure everything works out according to plan.

While planning any type of event can be extremely stressful, following an event-planning checklist can make the process much easier. Not only can beginning the planning process as early as possible help ensure you have everything you need, but it can also help you account for any potential issues along the way.

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