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Eco Clothing is a Popular Green Choice

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Eco clothing can be stylish and comfortable while still being environmentally friendly. Fashionistas can find clothes in wide range of styles, each manufactured in a manner which strives to leave a smaller impact on the planet.

Eco clothing, also known as eco-friendly clothing, can be made from a number of materials.

Bamboo is popular for eco clothing

Bamboo is the eco-chic textile of choice, earning environmental accolades for sustainability. Bamboo grows at a rate of three to four feet per day and matures within seven years without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. Fabric derived from bamboo is soft and breathable with a texture similar to natural silk. Sports and workout wear from bamboo helps to wick moisture away from the skin to help stay cool in warm weather, making it popular with athletes. It dries quickly which means less energy use to launder.

Organic cottons, grown without the use of chemicals, come in a selection of woven and knit designs for stylish, comfortable and sustainable fashions. Hemp, one of the planet’s oldest materials, is more durable than cotton and requires less use of pesticide. Although not currently grown in the United States, clothing made from hemp is available in imported fabric.

Recycled eco clothing

Recycled materials are making a fashion statement and saving the planet at the same time. Clothing manufactured from up to 85 percent post consumer plastic makes stylish apparel eco friendly. Plastic water and soda bottles are separated by color, sterilized, chopped and melted. The melted plastic is extruded to produce fibrous polyester strands. Those strands are stretched and woven with recycled cotton to create materials such as T- shirts and fleece outerwear.

Everything old is new again in eco clothing. Vintage clothing is all the rage. From stars wearing classic couture to teens looking to go retro, recycled clothing is a great way to stay eco friendly and fashionable. Boutiques and consignment shops featuring second hand garments are popping up all over the country. Online clothiers also feature gently used apparel and accessories for sale at discounted prices.

Eco friendly fashion designers are making use of salvaged and vintage fabrics, thread and notions to create new fashions. Reclaimed fabrics are transformed into unique creations. Runway fashion shows are featuring these designers who show that style can be environmentally conscious.

Fair trade eco clothing

Fair trade clothing is a fast growing trend in the garment industry. The Fair trade movement contracts clothing designers with manufacturers who meet stringent environmental and labor standards. This includes fair wages, improved labor conditions and environmentally friendly production procedures. The resulting product is a quality garment for consumers with less impact on the environment.

Shoes and accessories are going green too. Think plastic shoes are only for splashing around in the water? Try a pair of plastic pumps or sling backs. Shoe manufacturers have found a way to recycle post consumer plastic into functional, fashionable footwear. Hypo-allergenic, comfortable and extremely flexible, this footwear comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit any wardrobe. And best of all, last season’s left over stock can be recycled into next season’s hot new style. Purses, belts and jewelry in eco friendly materials will compliment any environmentally conscious wardrobe.

Eco clothing is an increasingly popular way for people to protect the environment and at the same time find the styles they love.

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