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Earth Day - How You Can Make a Difference

Earth Day: How You Can Make a Difference

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Every April, people across the country celebrate Earth Day by trying to be a little greener for a single day. Of course, one day in April isn’t the only time of year you can strive to be easier on Mother Nature. By enacting simple strategies in your everyday life, you can make every day a little more like Earth Day.

Earth Day in the car

While carpooling may be the ultimate way to cut down on commuting pollution, it’s not always a practical option when you work an alternative schedule or live outside the mass transit service area. Even if you must drive solo each day to work, it’s still possible to be sweet to Mother Nature. Best of all, these are things you can do any day of the year, Earth Day or not.

Cutting down on the amount of gas your car consumes is an easy and money-saving Earth Day trick. To increase your gas mileage, try:

  • Driving within the speed limit as higher speeds guzzle more gas
  • Keeping your tires properly inflated
  • Removing excess items from your trunk
  • Running your AC only to cool the car instead of during the entire commute
  • Staying on top of regular vehicle maintenance
  • Turning off your car instead of letting it idle during lengthy errands.

Earth Day at home

If you want to make a difference to the environment, you can make a healthy start in your own home. Taking advantage of recycling programs in your area and switching to energy efficient appliances when possible are always positive starts. To take your everyday Earth Day efforts a step further, consider:

  • Fixing leaky faucets or running toilets
  • Opting out of unsolicited advertisements to cut down on junk mail
  • Planting herb and/or vegetable gardens
  • Switching to reusable bags
  • Washing laundry on cold instead of hot water settings
  • Using natural light instead of electricity more often.

Earth Day at work

When you’re trying to enact Earth Day principles at the office, it can feel like more of a challenge – especially when you aren’t in charge. Talking to management about implementing energy saving measures or recycling programs may be a possibility. Even if you must act alone, you can still make a difference at the office through:

  • Collecting your non-confidential paperwork to recycle
  • Not printing your emails
  • Pouring stale coffee on your plant instead of down the drain
  • Turning off lights in empty offices, copy rooms and break rooms
  • Using accidental copies as scratch paper instead of throwing them out.

Remember, whether it’s Earth Day or the middle of October, you always have the power to make a difference, even when you aren’t at home.

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