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Water damaged drywall

What to Do about Drywall Water Damage

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When dealing with drywall water damage, you do not always need to replace your drywall after a fire or flood. Dealing with drywall water damage involves several steps to ensure success. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to contact a professional for help. If water compromises your drywall, you must take care of it before mold or mildew develop, which can be dangerous and cause even more damage.

Drywall Water Damage Detection

First, you should determine the extent of the water damage to your drywall. Drywall water damage manifests itself as discolored or softened areas. Chances are that because of the efforts to extinguish a house fire, drywall water damage may be widespread. If this is the case, you need to call a professional restoration company; however, if the water damage only affects a few drywall panels and you have drywall experience, you may replace them yourself. However, you should always hire a professional for more extensive damage.

Mold and Mildew as a Result of Drywall Water Damage

If you do not adequately dry the drywall paneling, mold and mildew may develop, which is very dangerous. If you see black spots or if the area starts to emit a foul odor, contact a professional immediately. Mold and mildew occur most frequently when damp drywall sits with inadequate ventilation. Though you can ensure that mold or mildew does not grow on the exterior of the drywall, the interior may be rife with spores, which is a determination that you should let professionals make.

Precautionary Measures that You Can Take against Drywall Water Damage

Regardless of the extent or location of the damage, you should use dehumidifiers and machines that can move a large volume of air for maximum ventilation. Standard oscillating house fans do not move an adequate amount of air necessary to dry the room adequately. Special air moving machines are available for rent; however, if the damage is so extensive that you need them, it may be best to consult a professional. Professional restoration companies have all the equipment they need, the experience to use it, and the expertise to do it right.

The most important aspect of remedying drywall water damage is to prevent additional damage from mold or mildew. Professional restoration companies have all of the necessary knowledge, expertise, and equipment to handle any sort of drywall water damage problem. With a trained eye, the professionals can tell which sections of drywall need repair. For more information about drywall water damage or what to do about it, contact a professional restoration company.

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