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Domestic Staffing Agencies ‐ What They Can Do For You

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If you are seeking a domestic staffing job then you might consider applying to domestic staffing agencies. A domestic staffing agency place domestic staff in professional level positions. So if you have a background as a nanny, a housekeeper or a butler, then a domestic staffing agency would place you in a professional position.

What a Domestic Staffing Agency Can Do For You

Domestic staffing agencies are considered to be executive search firms because they place executive level staff. Most of the time, the nannies and other domestic staff are placed in positions with the country’s most elite homes. Because of the nature of the placement, there is a need for confidentiality and the utmost discretion.

Much like a head hunter, domestic staffing agencies are committed to matching domestic staff with the right clients or companies. Because of this “perfect match” system, many domestic agencies require their prospective applicants to have verifiable experience as well as to undergo a rigorous background check. The background check is provided to potential employers so they will have a bit of background information when they choose to schedule an interview.

Domestic staffing agencies work hard to appease both their applicants and potential employer clients. Most of the reputable domestic staffing agencies have been in existence for at least ten years or more. If you plan to register with a domestic staffing agency, you will want to ask an array of questions. For example, most domestic staffing agencies cater to formal households, high profile individuals or celebrity clientele. You need to make sure that the agency that you plan to register with only deals with the above mentioned clientele. If by chance you find that they do not, then you need not register. Additionally, you should be sure that domestic staffing agency has a good reputation and a solid track record for success in placement. Furthermore, you might want to ask around and check out the competition. You want to make sure that the agency that you decide to have representing you does not have a history of a high turnover. These things are important to research prior to you selecting an agency to register with.

One more thing that you want to be sure of is that the domestic staffing agency does not charge you a fee for registering with them. If they do then you should seek other agencies to register with. For additional information on domestic staffing agencies, you should first do an Internet search for the state that you reside in and then contact several agencies to set up an appointment.

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