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Dog Grooming

Top 5 Stylish Dog Cuts

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Stylish dog cuts will give your dog a beautiful and well groomed appearance, and professional cuts will also help to keep your dog’s coat clean and easy to care for. The outcome of a cut may vary depending on the groomer you use, so always be sure to talk with a groomer about specifics regarding the cut and the finished look of the cut.

The Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is an adorable cut that is suitable for medium to long hair dogs. The cut leaves approximately one to two inches of fur length around the dog’s entire body with a rounded cut around the dog’s face; the soft undercoat which is generally exposed by this type of cut gives the dog a downy and soft teddy bear coat.

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is a short cut that leaves gentle layers of fur along the dog’s sides, legs and paws; the fur around the face is cut in rounded fringed layers as well. A short puppy cut is an ideal cut for small breed dogs such as the Yorkshire, Maltese and Shih Tzu; it is also a terrific summer cut to help keep small dogs with thick coats cool and comfortable in the summertime.

The Schnauzer Cut

The Schnauzer cut isn’t just for Schnauzers – this type of cut is also appropriate for other types of large to small breed dogs with the same type of hair characteristics. The Schnauzer cut leaves longer hair on the dog’s legs while trimming the back and sides very short; a light fringe of hair is left on the lower side of the dog’s body and a little ‘mustache’ cut sculpts the hair around the dog’s face.

The Lamb Cut

The lamb cut is often seen on poodles, but it may also be applied to other breeds of dogs that have any type of curl to their hair. This cut leaves a very short amount of hair on the dog’s body and neck; longer hair around the dog’s legs and head are hand cut with scissors to leave a fluffy yet trim and stylish look.

The Poodle Cut

The poodle cut is one of the most popular doggy cuts known, and there are dozens of varieties of the poodle cut. The cut generally trims the fur around the belly and face and leaves the legs, ears and tail with a thick downy appearance. The poodle cut is appropriate for other types of dog breeds too with curly or thick hair; just be sure to talk with your groomer about what type of poodle cut your dog needs.

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